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Adcessible was founded in August 2020, originally purely as an automation platform.

However, soon after it became clear that what would be more valuable to the industry, and particularly smaller companies, was a resource of not only tools (that have historically been designed to operate at large scale on massive accounts), but information and training on how those tools are built and can be replicated in different contexts and at different scale. Thus, the latest iteration of Adcessible was born.

On this website you'll find a range of tools - some of which you can try out for free by simply signing into a Google/Facebook/Microsoft account.

Most of these tools are available for you to start using today on an individual monthly subscription, so you only pay for what you need.

If you'd rather work with Adcessible to create a custom version of a tool (or a completely new one) and host it elsewhere, that's OK as well - simply get in touch with your idea!

Some of the tools are produced by third parties - in this case, they may also be available to add to your Adcessible Tool Dashboard, or you can find links to the relevant places on the tool profile.

You'll also find a range of articles (you can even sign up and contribute your own!) on various subjects relating to digital marketing platforms and automation.

And if you have any questions/are stuck developing your own scripts/tools, check out the Forum and see if someone else has run into the same problem. If not, simply ask and someone will try and help you out!


I fell into digital marketing during my degree - spending a year working in the ecommerce & digital marketing team at Renault UK while I studied Computer Science & Business at Loughborough University in the UK.

After graduating I spent 5 years at WPP's Essence, initially running display and video campaigns through a number of Demand Side Platforms, before learning more about Search and Social and running campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook. Eventually, I began to focus more on using my technical background to write scripts and build tools to help internal and external teams run their campaigns more effectively and automate processes.

In December 2019, I left Essence and in August 2020 officially founded Adcessible. My aim was, and remains, to bring the benefits of automation/scripting/technical skills to a wider portion of the digital marketing industry, particularly companies/individuals that may not benefit from the scale or resources that other might posses.

If you’d like to ask me about anything (Adcessible/automation related or otherwise) you can get in touch via email at


Adcessible is a very useful and intuitive tool. From small to large accounts it is the kind of tool that very efficiently removes those painful and repetitive tasks that you just would rather not do but are important for maintaining account efficiency and health. If you're not great at attention to detail - Adcessible covers that for you and ensures you are on top of every keyword, ad copy, ad groups and campaign setting and configuration. Use Adcessible so you can focus more on the fun, strategy direction of your accounts.

Anu Adegbola - CMO, Brainlabs & Founder, MindSwan