"Learn Enough To Be Dangerous"

Kevin Systrom, Founder of Instagram

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We love this quote at Adcessible. We also think it doesn't just apply to entrepreneurs, but to anyone wanting to make a difference or build something new in their work.

By combining enough technical knowledge (and this can be anything from using a spreadsheet formula to building a large scale web app) with an understanding of your context, you can build something incredibly valuable very quickly - and become "dangerous".

It's what makes us great consultants - we'd never claim to be to the best programmers, but by understanding the context in which we're working and knowing enough about coding, we've been able to help a lot of people, teams and companies move forward.

That's why we've built a platform to help create more "dangerous" people in digital advertising. It contains all the code you need for certain tasks, which can be run entirely from your browser (so no need to install any programs, languages, frameworks or anything else on your own laptop) and full instructions on how to use it or change it for your exact needs.

The Boring Bit

Licenses for Adcessible Workspaces start at £49.99 per month for the first 50 licenses, £39.99 for the next 50 and £29.99 for any after that

Each license grants one user a login and full access to Workspaces

Licensed users get access to email support and periodic free educational webinars